Tutorials - creative Photoshop technique

This is a selection of Photoshop tutorials. It is not meant to be comprehensive in any way, but rather, is a selection of techniques I myself have found interesting and useful and have taught in classes in the past.

I am first and foremost a photographer and firmly believe in 3 things regarding Photoshop.

1. Its just a tool, don't let it take you away from your photography.

2. Keep it simple; don't bother with lots of technique; learn just the bits that suit you and do them well.

3. Always work non-destructively in layers. Never touch the original image.

I am happy for anyone to learn from these tutorials but please realize that all the tutorials and images are copyright and must not be used commercially in any way. If you are a private individual and wish to use any of the information for say, teaching, I am happy for you to do that but please credit me and contact me to let me know you have found them useful.

Thank you

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