Polaroid Dreams

Did this already happen? Did I dream it? Is this now... or a time before?

In this portfolio, my aim was to create images with a sense of mystery which would engage a viewer’s imagination and encourage them to create their own narrative. It is a body of work consisting of candid shots, often of people with indeterminate intent in which my aim was to use this uncertainty to lend the images an enigmatic quality. I’ve used the atmospheric lighting of evening and night-time to introduce unusual colour casts to make the images more visually intriguing and to impart a dream-like quality.

Some of these images were originally influenced by the paintings of the American artist Edward Hopper and are of isolated figures in the cityscape and landscape whose body language implies being lost in thought. I wanted these images to suggest the issue of momentarily being in touch with a world bigger than ourselves.

I also wanted them to hint at an unusual moment of time; a sensing of strange coincidence; some fragment of memory not entirely recalled; sunlight streaming through a tunnel, a face at a window, a figure in the distance, a world of sensual encounter in a split second. A still from a moving film of my life creating a disorientating feeling as if recalling a scene first experienced in a dream.
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