New Photographic Walks 2017

In 2017, I've decided to add to the photographic walks that I did in the first portfolio about 5 years ago. The remit is the same; take some interesting (and hopefully, artistic) images on a number of local short walks in my home county of North Yorkshire. As before, I'll include map references and a few technical details for the images.

Technical issues:
Other photographers often ask me about technical issues so I'll include some basic information here: Gone is my heavy Canon and Nikon gear. All these walks were photographed travelling light using Micro 4/3rds kit with my lightest lenses (Olympus OMD-EM10 Mark II +14-42mm pancake, or Oly Pen F with Oly 12-100mm - (double these focal lengths for 35mm equivalent). I also usually take along one of my favourite legacy lenses - a Pen F 40mm f1.4 or the 38mm F1.8 (these are manual focus). The dreamy bokeh, close-up plant images seen here are usually taken with one of these beautiful little lenses.
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