Car Boot

A common event associated with life today is the car boot sale. In the last few years if has become a ubiquitous phenomenon in most areas of the UK, supplementing and sometimes replacing village green markets

Aesthetically, the car boot sale pitch can be viewed as the juxtaposition of a personal portrait alongside an associated intimate still life, consisting of the individual’s belongings framed by the stall and vehicular hatch or boot. The potential narrative and ironies inadvertently constructed offer a rich visual environment for the photographer to explore.

We metaphorically ‘set out our stall’ and present our ‘self’ in everyday life. We also reveal much of our character and identity through association with our individual interests and belongings. The car boot stall displays these cast-off belongings in public and the objects selected to be sold may include once-valued elements of private taste and interest, now presented as rejected personal relics and the flotsam of our consumer society.

I have attempted to take individual portraits from this scene because I want these images to portray some of the character of the individuals and families involved and to capture a glimpse into the narrative of their personal lives and interests. I also want the panel as a whole to exhibit a portrayal of the English quirkiness, the curiosity, and the occasional absurdist humour associated with the event.
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