In picking up old photographs and glass slides at car boot sales, I’ve often looked at the pictures and wondered who that person was and what their life was like with its joys and tragedies in the age in which they lived.

Looking at a photograph of a person who is no longer alive can conjure up complex feelings of curiosity, sadness, and a certain nostalgic yearning, as if you are looking at photos of your own ancestors.

This is a series of images where I’ve tried to capture intimate, candid shots of individuals in a crowd and isolate them visually. I've then processed the images by blending them with background marks and scratches from old glass slides in order to recreate the mood and emotions that I experienced with the original old photographs.

I wanted this series of images to capture a poignant and compassionate portrait of an individual on the street and by isolating them from the crowd, to comment on the anonymity and vulnerability of lives in transit through time.
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