As a student, many years ago I dipped my hands in chemicals, breathed in their fumes and chanted with the elephants whilst images appeared in the murky liquid as by magic. After a long break where life got in the way of the creative arts, I used my first digital camera and it gave me that same inspirational feeling again.

In the portfolios presented here, my guiding purpose has been to use photography as a medium to pursue my own creative vision and as a means of artistic expression. Any transformation of the images has been done in order to better represent a concept that I am trying to express.

Though there are several earlier portfolios of traditional Fine Art work here exploring form, light, texture and so on, I now almost always work to explore a concept. A few years ago, I started exploring diurnal patterns of light and shadow such as in the self-portrait here. I followed on to photograph seasonal cycles and nostalgic themes which explore our experience of time. Some of those portfolios are presented here and represent a visual expression of several characteristics of time, age and memory.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Thanks for looking.